Family History And Genealogy Are No More The Same

In the year 2013, a user Morph merged Family History and Genealogy under one title called Genealogy. It was done after a 2 year long discussion with Wikipedians. According to them the distinction is undefined and hence the two articles were clubbed into one. Though, there was no clear explanation given by Wikipedia, the decision was taken based on a discussion informs Morphh. The History of genealogy gives clear explanation on the popularity of the subject. The popularity of the words is measured by Search Engine Keyword Analysis through programs like Google AdWords. The Global Monthly Searches for Genealogy was 4,090,000 and for family history are 2,240,000. In the English Speaking countries the searches was search was two times more for Genealogy than Family History. Thereby the market chooses Genealogy as the popular genre.

The words Family History and Genealogy are interchangeably used and genealogy is more popular. Genealogy can be defined as establishing the pedigree after verifying the valid sources and the connection between one generation and the next. It is the study of ancestry and refers to the search for descendants directed backward. Earlier it was the privilege of the rich and the individuals take lot of time to collect the archives. The goal here is to prove the familial relationship of inheritance. Genetic genealogy includes DNA testing with historical records and traditional genealogy.

Family History can be defined as the biographical study of the proven family and the community where they lived. It is characterized as genealogy coming alive. It the family history that takes genealogy to the subsequent level like names, places, dates, legends, myths and stories. Through the family history you can get an understanding of the attitude, legislation and environment during the period your ancestors lived. Remember that we cannot triumph the victories of our ancestors nether are we accountable for their actions. Family include includes family members part of the family in formal and informal way like adoption and marriage.

Irrespective of your choice of family history, genealogy or DNA testing into ancestral research or non-traditional search, it all starts with you. You can begin with researching one generation step by step. The reason why you start from yourself is to work from the proven facts and working towards the goal.

The major routes to trace family history or genealogy are:
· You can do it yourself
· Work in coordination with a genealogist
· Appoint a genealogist to conduct ancestral search

Take every step with care to start the tracking process. Go ahead and evaluate documentary evidences in all directions; forward, backward, sideway and so on. There are free online resources available that comes at an excellent subscription cost. It is believes that only 10% of the records are made available online. It is expected to cover between the 1800 and 1900. If your ancestors had lived within a restricted geographic location, get ready to travel and you are sure to have great fun in the process.

Partnering with Genealogist
It is part DIY and part professional help. It gives you the satisfaction of starting the process and taking a lead role. Meanwhile depending on your point of view you can search yourself and let the documentation process be taken care of by genealogist. Over a period of time, you will realize your experience grows in the subject and you will be able to retrieve more information regarding your ancestors than by doing it all by yourself.

Assistance from Professional Genealogist
A genealogist provides complete assistance on research and analysis, reporting the information you are looking for. They also provide you with the budget to ensure you are well within your limits. They have complete access to records connected with your ancestors.

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