Easy Techniques used in Genealogy to uncover hidden facts

Image showing the vector image of geneology tree.

Is the timeline technique the easiest among all?

Many of us love to know about our past, our ancestors, and how they lived. Genealogical research can provide deeper understanding of our past. Citizens from all across the globe practice genealogy as a hobby. Plenty of techniques in genealogy can create complications and confusions. The complications in genealogical research creates a lot of confusions. As people get confused they postpone their research and miss some crucial facts. One of the Best techniques in genealogy is “Timeline”. When the next sequence in your research confuses you, try out timelines, that can help to solve the mystery.

By utilizing a timeline, one can understand the living standards of his/her ancestors with accuracy. One cannot cover all the details of genealogy on a single page, so confusion will arise and for these confusions, the timeline can be the best solution.

How can one create a timeline for his/her ancestor?

If you are new to the field of Genealogy then, let us introduce you to the types of timeline. there are two types of timelines and both types are handwritten.

  • List timeline
  • Line timeline

List timeline: One makes a list of sequential events from beginning to end in a list timeline.

Line timeline: in this type of timeline a line is drawn and years are placed on it with even spaces. The respective events and the time when they occurred are placed accordingly

One can get diversities of timeline templates on the internet without paying a single penny. Handwritten timelines work out only for small study and for long term events digital timelines are the best.

It is difficult to make changes in a handwritten timeline. Working with a digital timeline makes it easy for one expecting corrections. The only thing which one should access is a computer possessing spreadsheets or a word processor to incorporate a digital timeline.

While using the word processor one can add precious images to make history interesting. Bullets and numbering add productivity to the timeline. And in spreadsheets like Excel one can work with lists and insert them in respective rows and columns making a perfect list of events.

Don’t miss out on this corrections in your time-line

Once you complete your timeline checkout for these corrections, check whether the statistics like birth, death, whether the relationships mentioned match the source and the evidence. While inserting details in timelines make sure that you fill up large year gaps. Also, mention the source near the event to make it strong evidence of your research.

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