Welcome to Eugenestratton.com. We are happy to present the publications of great author Eugene Aubrey Stratton in this website. Eugene was born in Greenfield, Mass., The United States on December 02, 1927. He is an expert in nonfiction. Eugene worked under United States Air Force. Later, he went to George Washington University to attend B.A. Economics. Eugene successfully completed and landed in a Law School. After college, he worked as a Case Officer under the C.I.A. He was even the director of Federal Computer Centers.
For almost eleven years, he spent his life in England, Germany, Mexico,and Greece. In September 1981, Eugene was selected for the Historian General position. In the year 1985, he was selected as Fellow of American Society of Genealogists. Also, as a member of Association of Former Intelligence Officers and the American Mensa Society. In the following, he became a crazy fan of opera.
Eugene has penned down popular books like Fit for Fate- A Tale of Byzantine Intrigue in Modern Athens, Applied Genealogy,and Plymouth Colony- Its History and People.
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