If you’re surname is Cortes and you’d like to know where you came from, it’s time to start researching the Cortes genealogy. Finding your ancestry and looking up your roots is very fun and exciting. It’s not that difficult to do and once you get going you’ll see how easy it is to uncover new leads. Of course, you need to know where to look. If you have the last name Cortes and you’d like to find your Cortes genealogy, it’s time to hit the internet which is one of the best ways to research genealogy. Beyond that there is your local library as well as genealogy books that will help you in your search. Genealogy Websites If you want to find the Cortes genealogy, log into the internet and do a search of just that. It’s likely you’ll be faced with several genealogy websites. Choose the one that is most popular in your web search and get to work.

These types of websites will typically charge a small fee to use the service but it’s worth it if you hope to uncover new leads as to your Cortes genealogy. With these types of sites, you can connect with other like minded people, people who also would like to find their ancestral roots, you can visit genealogy forums to compare notes, and you can also meet long lost cousins or other relatives. When this happens it’s very exciting and it’s well worth the small monthly fee these types of sites charge. The Local Library If you’ve exhausted all the genealogical records resources the internet has to offer and you’ve hit a dead end, it may be time to visit your local library for your Cortes genealogy search.

There are many books at your local library that will help you find the roots of any surname. Some of these books will help you find your Cortes genealogy all the way back to Spain. Ask Other Family Members Of course, the best way to research your Cortes family genealogy is to ask other family members if they know of any information regarding your roots. You never know, your grandparents or even great grandparents may have certain documents or books or diaries in their attics that can give you an immense amount of information on where your family originated. Finding documents and artifacts such as these is not unlike treasure hunting. It’s fun and exciting and it’s a great way to find out where on Earth you came from.

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