Some Best Genealogy softwares

Image showing a family tree maker displays in the screen.

The basics

There are some things, which any genealogical software should be able to do. This can include building a family tree, recording information about your ancestors, documenting research sources and linking them back to the family tree, maintaining multiple databases for multiple family trees, ability to print out large charts and reports, easily share the family tree with other relatives both in print and electronic form, aid in storage of photos, videos and audio and various scans of documents of your ancestors, regular backups to protect your information, give hints about searching for clues, exporting information to other similar programs. In addition to these, nowadays, some of them will also help you with downloading information directly from some resources online, mapping your ancestors through space and time and also I love you to be connected online directly without having to switch to a separate browser. Each program differs from each other in certain ways but the best one depends on what use you have for it. Here are a few genealogy softwares to know more about

Family Tree Maker

The family tree maker software has been around for many decades and is one of the most commonly used genealogies software. It is very powerful and is good at almost everything. It has all the features that one could expect from a genealogy software and performs all its functions very well. The most recent version of the software introduced a new and unique feature called family sync. With this you can set up automatic synchronisation of upto three family trees. This works best if you also have relatives who are also working on the same family tree as you. The information that you enter gets added to their trees and the same applies to them. The software includes an image editor and with this you can enhance photos which you add to your family tree. It also allows you to mention same-sex marriages in your tree. It also tends to be the most expensive software available in genealogy.

Legacy 9

Legacy is another software, which is also considered to be amongst the top in the market today. It provides you with everything and some new features in the latest edition. You can compare to people side-by-side using this tool when you have two records with the same name but are doubtful whether they are the same. The charts created here are the most extensive and best looking amongst all programs. It also has a feature where your family tree can turn into a webpage automatically.

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