Home Genealogy and it’s Traced Chronicles

Every building built has a history stored in itself. It is very satisfying to trace back the history of a building and gain more knowledge on what kind of people resided. While searching for such chronicles, individuals look for two main types of data. One is the Structural data like construction date, the architect who worked on the building, raw materials used and renovations done. Second is the Chronicle facts like who the building originally belonged to, history of residence, any eye-catching events in conjunction with the property or the surroundings. The genealogy can also be a research of both together.

Background Research on the Property Owned

The search for information begins with knowing the age of the property and moving on to the details on its construction, raw materials information, house roofing shape, window positioning, etc. Researching these details gives a better idea on what is the style of architecture that was used for the building during the time of construction. This in turn will help gauge the approximate date of construction of the property too.

Image That represents the geneology concept in a tree format.

Taking a look around the building and noting the renovations that has been made is important. Having a talk with friends, colleagues or relatives will also help in giving a better idea about the property. They will be able to provide the complete history of the house before and after the actual construction. Old scrapbooks, albums and letters from ancestors will also provide information on the very first property deed and also a blueprint. Certain information can also be sealed in places like fireplaces, rooms or closets.

Legality Handed-over for Generations

A legal deed is a document that talks all about the passing on of ownership of the house from one to another. Researching on the deed and its contents will throw a great deal of light onto the actual history of the property. All information right from the date of construction to even a blueprint might me available as part of the deed. Working backward from the present owner to the ancestral owners of the house can be discovered looking through the deed as to who transferred it to whom. The record of people who have owned the property is called “Chain of Title”. This process might look tough but it is the best way to know the property’s previous owners.

Going deep into records based on permit given towards the property, reports on Utilities and Insurance or getting more through owner investigation using sources such as Directories, records in religious place, census, history of birth and death opens great ways towards getting a complete list of descendants and all their whereabouts.

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