Family Lineage and Genealogy Discrepancies

Many researchers, even till today, are always and most interested in knowing the discrepancies between family lineage and Genealogy. Though both the field of study solicit details all about the ascendents, there are differences too. Genealogy is the where one studies about ancestors and the predecessors where the real lookout for them is expanded in all fronts. Earlier times, Genealogy was only meant for the well-offs and for those with an enormous amount of time in hand to personally visit places and archives to do research with inheritance as the main goal. Through the process of DNA test and with supportive information from religious genealogy and chronicle facts one can infer the lineage of relationships existing between people.

The real way to have some solid results is to know the history of family descendants through dates, locations, names, legends, myths and anecdotes. The complete history right from how, where, when the whole generation lived, employed, played and some incidents that would have occurred back then.

Genealogy Provides Real Answers

By commencing from oneself and working reverse generation after generation in uncovering the complete family history is the present unconventional way of breaking down the genealogy. Back tracing the journey that the family has taken from ancient times to the present is jotted using three prominent methods. They are

  • Self-analyse by backtracking the family tree
  • Working in par with a person specialising in genealogy
  • Hiring a professional genealogist to help with one’s research

Family Tree template vintage vector illustration

The Methodologies

The first method used to self evaluate oneself and document all the proofs along the line of research using the backtracking method is very effective. This process is done in a very systematic way starting from oneself and going all the way upto the great grandparents and their complete history about the family. One can also take a small trip to the ancestral location if anyone still resides there to find out more along with a good fun filled adventurous trip along with family.

The second option of working parallel with the genealogist will let the person guide him or her through a step-by-step procedure which will aid in retrieving data and facts that will help with the process of finding out the family history. The specialist in genealogy will not give their complete focus on the project but will only provide input and direct correctly when needed.

The third and the last option is to completely handover the project of finding out the family legacy to a professional genealogist. The research is complete and the complete report is well-analysed, prepared and handed-over as a hardcover or as a soft copy in the form of an e-book. This resource is meant for people who agree to a higher budget and ancestral specific when it comes to retrieving records.

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