De la Renta unveils first bridal collection since designer’s death

wedding-dressPeter Copping hoped to work with Oscar de la Renta, but it seems to have not been destined to be that way. Copping was hired as the Artistic Director of the luxury label, and de la Renta passed away due to cancer in a few days. He presented his first collection at the New York Fashion Week in February, and a couple of months later the brand de la Renta has come up with its first bridal lineup. Notably, this is claimed to be a big occasion for the luxury label as the high profile brides such as Amal Clooney are the price targets of this brand that has been launched after the death of the designer.

The bridal collection from Copping retained a lot of the classic feel of de la Renta’s glamour that is due to the presence of lots of organza and tulle along with a few contemporary silhouettes. There are new takes on the fabric work and the use of silvery sequins as well. The most versatile look of the bridal collection is a white tiered ball gown in tulle featuring two layers at the bottom that are removable. This will form a stylish mini dress that can be worn on while dancing at the night.

The bridal collection included a taffeta ball gown in a while that features laced floral bodice. Also, there was a faille cocktail dress make of white silk that had a sculptural skirt with dotted embroidery of organza floral designs. The primary bridal collection from Copping featured 23 marriage dresses and also girls’ dresses with three flowers. These were both directional and timeless as well. Peter Copping also sent the ivory version of the Oscar dress of Sienna Miller from the ready to wear Fall/Winter 2015 collection on the stage. The Chantilly gown made of lace that is embellished with sequin and crystal embroidery will definitely be a massivewedding hit.

After the debut of the first bridal collection of Copping, the designer revealed details regarding the following of Oscar’s footsteps. Well, it is evident as he has come up with an entire collection of designs in white. He also told about the iconic women inspiration in his work. Notably, Copping shares the bridal aesthetic of Oscar while designing a collection that reflects the unique design and eye sensibility. The designer has started designing his bridal collection by focusing on a variety of brides. He explained that Oscar de la Renta has a strong bridal collection heritage.

Denim Platform and Teva Sandals Debut this Spring


Fashion keeps changing and staying updated with the trend does not mean that you should always follow what the others are doing. You can create a new trend that you feel is wonderful and comfortable. Well, there is no need to be ashamed of doing something that you love. The problem with most people is that they will not give importance to what they love, but consider what others love and this way they develop hatred towards what can create a new fashion statement. Once you create a new style, you will gradually get to realize who you are and how important you could be in the fashion industry.

For instance, Birkenstocks was funny, comfortable and clever when clomping around with the definitely ugly or pretty sandal. However, in a short while, everyone caught up with the style. It is just about the knock-off style and how you carry them. Now, Opening Ceremony has come up with one such newest launch called Tevas sandals that are a range of street-ready heels meant for this summer season. The lineup includes watsandalserproof Psyclone, Hurricane XLT Gladiator and Flatform with a bi-color format as in the mid-nineties. There are available both via online exclusively and from the Opening Ceremony brick and mortar stores as well.

Apart from the Teva sandals, nail artist Madeline Poole known for her red carpet manicure as come up with her first bag and shoe lineup of accessories. This product lineup has been launched in collaboration with Madison Harding, the accessories lineup based on New York City. Poole is known for her graphic sleek nail designs that are used along with her denim tuxedo. This is a new kind of inspiration for sure. Regarding this, Poole stated that she loves the denim platform as it is a rugged and casual fabric that is meant to get stained and ripped.

Poole claimed that this new pair of shoes based on denim platform that she has designed will be looking attractive when the wearer has got a chic pedicure done. She added that complementary colors and contrast hues of nail paints would suit the most. For instance, she has made it clear for fashion buffs to paint their nails in a warm tone such as raspberry or pink while wearing a cool pair of denim jeans. On the other hand, for warm and bright footwear, she suggests navy, purple or deep turquoise nail paints.

Fashion Advice For Men And Style Upgrades

Fashion StyleWhen it comes to men’s fashion, there is never ending opportunities information on the internet. While I wanted to search for some real style statements that can be inspirational as well as steal the show types, I found a good number of bloggers penning their ideas. There are inspirational ideas that can make you look great every season and for every reason. I have decided to give youngsters some tips on how to turn your professional life successful by power dressing. Youngsters are the future of the society, and they need to dress to win. The first step to become professional is to start with dressing style. Dress sharp and precise for the occasion. The first step to dressing is choosing the right clothing.

Clothes give the opportunity for a man to influence others. Any professional be it a lawyer, doctor, IT professional, salesperson, etc. need to understand the power of dressing. Paying attention to clothes can definitely take you to the pinnacle of success by giving you the right recognition. It is not that only those professionals mentioned above need to get their dressing code right. Even traders, carpenters, welders, electricians and construction workers have to understand the importance of clothing. Of course, they have their work overalls that can give them the identification. End of the day what matters is to be crisp, tidy and wear the perfect fitted clothes.Men's wear

While dressing do not forget your feet! People watch you from the ground up and ensure you wear the right footwear for the occasion. There is a popular saying that goes you can judge a man by his shoes. There is nothing wrong with investing in classic footwear. The price you pay may be hefty, but I will say it is worth every penny invested. The dividends will definitely be priceless. I would say that leather is a luxury but an essential for every man who is worth his salt.

Another important point that youngsters should remember is to dress to look older. How you dress is how you are perceived. Forget about the causal you wore for the university and grew up. If you want to be treated a man, you dress like a man. By aging your look you can get the respect, you always deserved. I would advise young men to revamp their wardrobes to get rid of cargos, jeans, sweatpants, and sportswear. Replace it with some matured clothing that can get you the respect grownups get.