Exposing Fake Estate Sales

Estate SalesThe estate sales industry is being ran by very decent people of high repute who will find it very difficult to defraud unsuspecting customers. But that notwithstanding, there are several bad ones who want to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the industry by defrauding several victims.

There are people within the industry who will advertise items such as furniture, pens, etc, but in reality when the customers turn up for the event they are told they are out of stock. This is a pathetic situation! The truth of the matter is that they only use these tactics as baits in order to lure several people into their fold, even though the customers may not be interested in the kind of materials being sold.

A typical example of this phenomenon is the advertisement in the newspaper that clearly advertises a house owned by a granny who has so many attractive items at her disposal. Readers might be attracted to such an advertisement, but they will be disappointed when they get to the locality only to realise that nothing of that sort actually existed in real case.

Estate Sales Progress in Eugene Oregon
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As if this is not enough, some people have developed the habit of interchanging the real deals with bogus items. When you see the price of an item that appears to be too good to be true, you should have second thought about purchasing those items, as the probability of it being counterfeit is very high.

This usually pertains in the antique furniture industry, because most buyers over there do not really know what they are looking out for as far as the durability of the products are concerned.

They are therefore mostly duped always. You have to be very vigilant and access the quality of the furniture, making sure the joints, for instance, were not merely joined with ordinary glue. Therefore before you venture into any antique furniture estate sales, you need to educate yourself very well on the mode of construction of furniture, so you do not get yourself tricked by such people.

Items such as wrist watches and other jewelleries are the notable items which counterfeit forms could be found at estate sales. You therefore have to be extra vigilant before you buy these items. As the saying goes “do not judge a book by its cover”, you should not let the outer appearance deceive you. Check for the quality before you buy it.