Game Trailer of Star Wars Battlefront Looks Like an Action Movie

star_wars__battlefrontStirring a lot of enthusiasms, the Star Wars Battlefront’s latest trailer has been released by Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts. The game is developed by DICE, the creators of the series of Battlefield. This game lets the fans take part in an epic, none other than the Star Wars battles on the iconic planets and they can rise through the ranks by playing alongside the Rebellion or the enormous Empire. Notably, the game Star Wars Battlefield will be released for the consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PC in November this year.

Talking about the trPlaying star warailer, the first look at the Star Wars Battlefield looks quite terrific and stunning rendering a next generation visual feast to the viewers. It does a pretty great task by showing off the galactic air and land battles that take place in the universe of Star Wars. Of course, there are some familiar characters such as Boba Fett and Darth Vader, who are most recognizable and some locations as well. Notably, for a long time there has not been a multiplayer shooting game that has created a great excitement in the gaming industry. Its tone has wonderful aspects such as big, loud and playful, and it has to be appreciated.

The DICE developed Star Wars Battlefield features a great combination of first person and third person action movements in the game. The action series spans across a slew of iconic locations that are from the original trilogy. The superior quality trailer of the upcoming game wrapped with numerous action sequences makes it look like an action movie more than a game. Of course, to achieve all the great level of visual quality used by the developers of Star Wars Battlefield on your console or PC, you need to have a device packed with a great graphics horsepower that is possible with the newest generation graphics card.